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What is Salvestrol?

At Hallelujah Diet, we believe that food is medicine. In fact, food is the most simple and effective form of drugs or prescriptions there is. When consuming the right nutrients, the natural, plant-based foods of the earth, the natural healing capabilities in our bodies kick into gear. Foods high in phytochemicals, natural compounds found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, can even have the power to fight cancer and disease. One of these phytochemicals, or phytonutrients, is known as Salvestrol.  The Power of SalvestrolAccording to the Natural News […]

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23 Tigernut Recipes for Healthy Paleo Substitutes

Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs – You may have heard of the hottest new paleo superfood: tigernuts. But have you tried cooking or baking with them? While they have nuts in the name, tigernuts are really more of a tuber, so they’re suitable for AIP and other nut-free diets, and they have a lovely sweetness to them that’s excellent in baked goods. These tigernut recipes take full advantage of the flavors and textures these little buddies have to offer, so give some of them a try! 1. AIP Crusty […]

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Orange Granita (All-Natural Frozen Italian Dessert from Scratch)

Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs – Every now and then I just love to have a delicious frozen dessert. Paleo-friendly ice creams are a personal favorite of mine for sure, but just recently I had the chance to try out some orange granita made with real freshly squeezed orange juice, mint, and honey. Needless to say, I think I just might have found my new favorite frozen dessert option. Granita is a dessert that originated in Italy and is typically made with sugar, water, and various flavorings. In place […]

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