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Orange Granita (All-Natural Frozen Italian Dessert from Scratch)

Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs – Every now and then I just love to have a delicious frozen dessert. Paleo-friendly ice creams are a personal favorite of mine for sure, but just recently I had the chance to try out some orange granita made with real freshly squeezed orange juice, mint, and honey. Needless to say, I think I just might have found my new favorite frozen dessert option. Granita is a dessert that originated in Italy and is typically made with sugar, water, and various flavorings. In place […]

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#072 The Keto Diet Podcast: Keto Diet for Beginners

START your high-fat, keto life: Interview with Victor and Kristoffer from Keto Kookie, chatting about how to set up for success when you’re starting keto, mistakes everyone makes when they start keto, why community is so important on keto, and so much more. Business Contact: ✿✿ TOPICS ✿✿ Should you stay on keto always, always? (24:57) The easiest way to look at fasting (30:33) The mistakes everyone makes when they start keto (37:12) ✿✿ THE BLOG POST ✿✿ The Keto Diet Podcast Ep. #072: Keto […]

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