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17 Crazy Good Dessert Recipes Under 200 Calories

Dessert—quite possibly the eighth wonder of the world—sometimes gets a bad rap for packing on the calories. But here at Nutrisystem, we believe that dessert doesn’t have to demolish your healthy diet. In fact, we know there are plenty of ways to indulge without maxing out on calories or feeling the guilt that normally goes hand-in-hand with decadent treats. Take our 20 Most Popular Nutrisystem Sweet Treats here >, for instance. They’re packed with flavor, but go quite light on the guilt… and kitchen mess! Here, we’ve […]

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Waffles

When the waffle cravings hit, whip up these healthy chocolate waffles. They’re gluten-free, incredibly satisfying and well-rounded in nutrients. Buckwheat is one of the most underused — and underrated — of the gluten-free grains. It’s high in fiber, protein, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, and copper. Despite buckwheat’s name, it contains no wheat and is technically a seed that’s related to the rhubarb family. It’s my go-to flour whenever I’m making pancakes or waffles at home and the star ingredient in my Buckwheat Pancakes from the NS […]

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Calcium Rich Food Sources of Your Raw Food Diet

  Contrary to mainstream Western belief, dairy products are far from the only source of calcium. The age old notion that a glass of milk with dinner each day will promote strong bones and help to prevent osteoporosis is certainly not the best practice: The best sources of calcium come directly from the earth. Thus, the biblical, plant-based and primarily raw diet found in Genesis 1:29 is an excellent way to increase your consumption of calcium. Vegetables As the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine explained, there are […]

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