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Want to Shrink Your Belly? Stop Doing These 6 Things

Losing weight can change your whole self-image, helping you feel better about yourself and your appearance. But even when you stick to your weight loss plan and steadily shed excess pounds, belly bloat can spoil your results. How can you get the flat belly you want? Battle the bloat and shrink that belly by avoiding these common causes: 1. Eating Fast When you’re feeling very hungry, you may be so eager to satisfy your appetite that you wolf down your food. But when you eat fast, you […]

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Why You Gain Weight in Winter: 5 Science-Backed Reasons

Winter is coming and you know what that means: Shorter days, colder temperatures and the dreaded winter weight gain. No, it’s not an urban myth. Studies indicate a very real, but small shift in weight in the cold weather, anywhere from one to five-and-a-half pounds. That may not sound like a lot, but it can (and it does) add up over the years. Here are some of the reasons why you gain weight in the winter… and some tips for surviving the season slim-down style: 1. You’re […]

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Foods That Cause the Most Bloat

It is rare that I meet with friends or clients who say that they never feel bloated after eating. In fact, feeling bloated is probably the number one reason people are confused as to what they should be eating. Not everyone reacts the same way after a meal. The question to ask is what is the body expressing when the stomach is bloated and why does this happen. The number one cause of a bloated belly is poor digestion. Digestion is a big job for our bodies […]

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