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Am I Healthy? 6 Signs of Good Nutrition That Aren’t Weight

Whether you are visiting the doctor soon or not, “am I healthy?” is a question that you probably ask yourself from time to time. Sure, your weight is often a pretty good indicator that you’re consuming the right amount of calories and eating nutritious meals. But your dietary habits can effect more than the numbers on the scale. The next time you ask yourself, “am I healthy,” the answer lies in these six signs of good nutrition: 1. Your skin is aging well. The hard-to-hear truth: Aging […]

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Is Fruit a Problem on My Diet?

Fruit has lots of fiber and nutrients, but it’s not always the best choice for weight loss. In this video, I explain what you need to know about the natural sugar found in fruit. Fruit sugar or fructose must be processed by your liver before your body can use it. A healthy liver has no problem dealing with the natural fructose in a piece of fruit. Unfortunately, there is an unnatural form of fructose that is found in many of our modern day foods. High fructose corn […]

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