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5 Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Have you ever had to deal with a dead car battery? Leaving your lights or radio on overnight are two of the most common causes of a drained box, just like failing to eat right or exercise regularly are two of the most common causes of bad health. Extremes in temperatures can also cause your car battery to die, similar to the way extremes like sugar, fats and processed foods impact your body. Now, compare your health to your car battery. Just as jumper cables can jump […]

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Country Beef and Vegetable Pie (Homestyle Comfort Food)

Paleo GrubsPaleo Grubs – Beef and vegetables. It doesn’t get more straightforward than that. It gives you everything your body needs in one delicious meal combination: protein, fat, and healthy carbs full of vitamins and minerals. So, how do you take this classic combo and improve it even more? That’s easy –make it into a pie. This recipe makes an unbelievably delicious country beef and vegetable pie that’s 100% gluten-free and paleo-friendly thanks to the cauliflower ‘pie crust’. The Perfect Marriage of Vegetables and Beef   This […]

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