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8 Calorie Bombs at the Salad Bar

In a country where only 32 percent of people don’t get their recommended daily servings of vegetables, salads are awesome. And, with the gazillion salad-focused restaurants that have popped up across the US, they’re more delicious than ever. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re all great choices for people on weight loss programs: There’s a reason there are so many lists of fast-food and fast-casual salads that have more calories and fat than a Big Mac. Keep your salad truly healthy by avoiding these eight sneaky, […]

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How to Make Easy Dill Pickles

Learn the simple secret to making easy dill pickles at home. Typically, pickles can offer more vitamins and fiber than cucumbers — especially when they’re naturally fermented, but be mindful of the sodium and sugar content in some brands you find at the store. Traditionally, you use fermentation over a long period of time to achieve the perfect dill pickle. Fortunately, if you don’t have time to wait — or you just want your pickles STAT — you can use an overnight method like I share here […]

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The Best Breakfast for Fat Loss

Do I need to eat carbs for breakfast? Is protein the best? What about saturated fats? Deciding what to eat for breakfast is confusing, especially when your goal is to lose weight. In this video, we take a look at three common breakfast options: A bagel and cream cheese Yogurt and fruit Bacon and eggs One of these options keeps your body in a state of fat burning, while the other two encourage your body to make fat. Together we’ll evaluate each breakfast to determine which one […]

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