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If Calcium Supplements Aren’t Safe, What About Calcium in Food?

In 12 short years, government panels have gone from suggesting widespread calcium supplementation may be necessary to protect our bones to “do not supplement.” What happened? I explore this in my Are Calcium Supplements Safe? video. It all started with a 2008 study in New Zealand. Short-term studies have shown that calcium supplementation may drop blood pressures by about a point. Though the effect appears to be transient, disappearing after a few months, it’s better than nothing. Further, excess calcium in the gut can cause fat malabsorption […]

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DHA Supplementation During Pregnancy: How Much is Enough?

Are the current recommendations for DHA supplementation during pregnancy adequate? Research presented at the 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition suggests a higher intake may be more beneficial. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition (ICVN). ICVN happens every five years and it’s a time for researchers, scientists, and others interested in vegetarian nutrition and lifestyle to gather and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs in the field. It was the first time I’d attended the Congress, and I was eating […]

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