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Cholesterol: Everything You Need to Know

As someone who has had heart disease I know what it’s like to be sifting through page after page of information, trying to sort out what’s right and wrong, what’s going to work for me, and struggling through all the conflicting information. Here’s a post from the Leaf I found on cholesterol. Obviously there’s always controversy surrounding this topic, but I find it helpful to collect as much information as possible so I can make at least reasonably informed decisions about my health. Read the post here.

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Relieving Acid Reflux Naturally

  Millions of people deal with digestive health issues every day. One of the most common conditions is what many refer to as heartburn or acid reflux. When acid reflux happens two or more times per week, it becomes gastroesophageal reflux disease. This uncomfortable and dangerous condition can be addressed in several different ways without medication. Diet  One key is to eliminate foods that may be causing heartburn- certain foods such as caffeine, chocolate, acidic juices, alcohol and salt have all been linked to acid reflux. Also, […]

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