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In June of 2017 I was diagnosed with moderate heart disease and referred to a cardiologist. A month later I was told I had a severely restricted, bicuspid aortic valve and was at risk of sudden death. The only recourse for addressing the valve was surgery, but the heart disease created obvious complications. One of those complications was the likelihood of open heart surgery. If the arteries around the heart were clogged, the surgical team would have to insert stints. If the arteries were clear there was […]

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15 Healthy Tips For Eating Out

We’ve all been there before, we want to eat healthily and also socialize, so can you do both? Yes with these healthy tips for eating out! Eating out generally falls into two categories, it’s either spontaneous or planned out. If you know tips that can help you in both of these scenarios, then you’re set up for success when it comes to eating healthy while dining out. These 15 healthy tips for eating out will help you navigate any situation while out of the house so you can […]

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