A New Fountain of Youth Found in a Pill?

I saw this article in the Daily Mail and at first I thought it was a sponsored add-

Stunning anti-ageing breakthrough could see humans live to 150 and regenerate organs by 2020 ‘for the price of a coffee a day’


See what I mean?

But it’s for real.

The highlights: “could see the aging process in humans reduced by 50 years”; “mice given the pill lived 10% longer”; “could be available to the public in five years following human testing”- which is supposed to start within two years. And it all surrounds a little molecule┬ánicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) that is a derivative of vitamin B3 that plays an important role in generating energy in the body.

Scenes from “I Am Legend” go through my mind whenever I hear about a “derivative” of this, or an “altered” that, but I’m also not opposed to trying new supplements to see how my body reacts to them. Generally, as long as I don’t suddenly loose all my hair, develop extreme sensitivity to light, and display cannibalistic tendencies, I give a supplement a try and then evaluate the costs/benefits.

Turns out- NAD is not really “new”. At least not in my mind. First of all, NAD occurs naturally in the body and is used in chemical processes that generate energy. Not new as a supplement either. A quick Amazon search and I stopped counting at 10 different companies marketing forms of NAD. Reading the article further you will find statements like “We do not recommend people go out and take NAD precursors as they have not yet formally tested for safety.” You’ll note that I highlighted formally. Meaning that there hasn’t been enough time from the initial discovery to be able to slap on official labels, restrictions, etc- things which will indeed make the claim of “price of a coffee a day” un-achievable. “New” probably means that, as usual, the holistic and naturopathic communities are out in front of the so-called “scientific” community.

The pill has already been used for Parkinson’s patients, for jet lag, and even age-related hair loss. It seems to help with mental functions, such as clarity, alertness, memory. It has been used for improving athletic performance and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Other items of interest in the article include the claim by the research professor that his biological age has dropped 24 years since taking the pill- whatever that means. His sister-in-law, after already beginning the transition to menopause, has become fertile again after taking the treatment. Also, his 79 year old father has been taking the pill for a year and a half and has since begun backpacking and white water rafting.

Please, do your own research. I’m not a scientist- I’m not even a naturopath. But I think this supplement shows promise and I think it’s worth a look. I plan on selecting a supplement soon and will report back with my anecdotal findings when I have them.


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