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An extremly easy recipe for gluten-free sugar-free shortbread cookies or nankhatai! Can be made in as little as half an hour! An excellent option for serving unexpected guests! ;P Macros for the whole batch, makes 12 cookies! FAT 29gm PROTIEN 6gm CARBOHYDRATES 6gm #sugar_free_cookies #urdu #gluten_free_cookies #easy_cookies #keto_cookies #keto_biscuits #how_to_make_biscuits #how_to_make_cookies #keto_nankhatai

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Keto Diet: Vegetarian Low-Carb Burritos

These grain-free keto burritos are stuffed with low-carb roasted vegetables, cauliflower rice, cheese and sour cream to help you get more veggies into your diet. Best Keto Tortillas recipe is at: Vegetarian Keto Burritos recipe is at: Ingredients (makes 6 burritos): 6 homemade Keto Tortillas (recipe link above) 1 small red pepper, sliced (74 g/ 2.6 oz) 1 small yellow pepper, sliced (74 g/ 2.6 oz) 1 medium red onion, sliced (100 g/ 3.5 oz) 1 ¼ medium zucchini, chopped (245 g/ 8.6 oz) ¾ […]

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#079 The Keto Diet Podcast: Your Power & Purpose

START your high-fat, keto life: Interview with Danielle Natoni, chatting about how to make terrifying changes not so terrifying, how to embrace where you are right now, the one belief that will get you out of the darkest places, and so much more. Business Contact: ✿✿ TOPICS ✿✿ How to embrace where you are right now (13:52) How to deal with guilt (21:09) How to make terrifying changes not so terrifying (42:04) ✿✿ THE BLOG POST ✿✿ The Keto Diet Podcast Ep. #079: Your Power […]

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Keto Pre/Post Workout Food Timing

Become a fat burning machine: Not sure how to fuel your workouts on a ketogenic diet? I’m sharing my best tips for getting the most of out your keto workouts – everything your body needs to perform optimally, from pre-workout to post workout, plus I’m answering a few common questions. ✿✿ GET THE FREE GUIDE ✿✿ Keto Pre/Post Workout Food Timing Business Contact: ✿✿ RESOURCES ✿✿ Get more info about my 12-week doctor-approved program: Get 20% off Keto Collagen from Perfect Keto until April […]

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To order your Kefir grains call us at 0333 4271754 Here we discuss some important questions regarding Kefir! Kefir is the most nutrient dense fermented probiotic rich drink, low in sugar and high in vitamins! Any further assistance needed will be given via wats app or skype! Kefir is the most healthy milk probiotic which not only provides healthy bacteria to the gut but is actually a proven treatment for many diseases like IBS ,Rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseaes, autoimmune diseases and many more! It is also the […]

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