Difference between Chia seeds and Basil seeds ! (urdu)

Difference between Chia seeds and Basil seeds ! (urdu)

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Many vendors sell “basil seeds” (tukh mulanga) under the name of “chia seeds” (tukhmrehan). Know the difference between the two, so u know what you are buying!

Each of these has its own benefits and uses!

Chia means “strength”; good for weight loss, bodybuilding and an anti inflammatory rich in antioxidants while basil means “royal”; taken for its cooling effects as a source of iron and potentially anti cancer!
They can make your food royal and can make you stronger. It is always safe and beneficial to include natural energy boosters in your diet. They are referred to as “wonder foods” because both are whole and natural, with maximum nutrients and minimum calories.

Read more at Buzzle: https://www.buzzle.com/articles/basil-seeds-vs-chia-seeds.html

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