Glucose content of Kefir (urdu)

Glucose content of Kefir (urdu)

Order your Kefir grains today and invest in the healthy life you and your family deserve to live!

Once acquired, they multiply! Its a one time investment for your health, that you wont regret!
If in Lahore, you can collect from our clinic, if outside Lahore , we can TCS..RS 300 of TCS apply!

Kefir is the most healthy milk probiotic which not only provides healthy bacteria to the gut but is actually a proven treatment for many diseases like IBS ,Rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseaes, autoimmune diseases and many more!
It is also the best natural source of multivitamins especially for diabetics and those following low carb lifestyle, Ketogenic diet and Paleo diet!

Instead of giving yourself and your kids synthetic multivitamins, give them milk kefir for treatment of diseases like ADHD autism and their prevention !
Get your milk kefir grains in Pakistan from healing hijama clinic, Lahore! We ship to anywhere in Pakistan!
Call 0333-4271754 to order!

You can also order the kefir drink or kefir grains on our online health store, !
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