Healthy Peanut Butter Online

Healthy Peanut Butter Online

Get the best peanut butter money can buy!!
Free of chemical additives, synthetic flavorings , hydrogenated oils customised to your personal tastes and needs !

Order on 0333 4271754 and get it home delivered on your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan!

Here are your options to customize your peanut butter:-

Our peanut butter is chock-full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Make it even healthier by substituting salt with Himalayan salt , Lahori black salt or potassium salt!

Recent studies found that insulin-resistant adults who ate a diet high in monos had less belly fat (visceral fat) than people who ate more carbohydrates .So, our peanut butter is also good for people who wish to loose weight on ketogenic diet or other low carbohydrate diets by substituting sugar with stevia or erythritol!

Diabetics can also enjoy healthy peanut butter by ordering completely sugar free peanut butter with or without stevia added!

Suitable for people following any low carbohydrate diet paleo , GAPS diets or Ketogenic diet!

Also suitable for bodybuilding as peanut butter has high levels of protein!

Our chemical free peanut butter is the best option for growing kids or kids with autism, ADHD and cerebral palsy alike!

Order now to get a wealth of nutrition suitable for sick and healthy alike!

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