How to make Coconut Aloe Soap at home! (urdu)

How to make Coconut Aloe Soap at home! (urdu)

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Soap is an article of regular every day use. Any hazard posed by chemicals in your soap is accumulative due to regular usage of these products. Most of the chemicals added in commercial soap making are harmful cheap chemicals associated with not only skin sensitivities but also deadly diseases like cancer of skin and breast!
Here are 10 chemicals in commercial made soap you should highly avoid.
Synthetic colors.
Synthetic Fragrances.
Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

Showering daily with these chemical based soaps has been shown to eliminate useful bacteria, dry out your skin and hair, and on a basic level and increase risk of dangerous diseases like cancer!
Dirt doesn’t cause disease — but repeatedly killing off the good bacteria and exposing our skin to harsh chemicals ,may harm our immunity.

Not all soaps are created equal though.
Your best bet is to make your own soap with premium healthy ingredients suited to your personal needs or buy soaps free from these harmful chemicals based on natural ingredients suited to your skin requirements.

Selection of soap and preventing exposure to chemicals is especially important for people with bad skin conditions like acne, allergy , psoriasis , eczema and allergic dermatitis.
Our custom hand made soaps ensure a powerful lasting exposure to healthy and natural ingredients like coconut oil and natural fragrances like lavender and frankincense!

Coconut oil has a chemical composition very near to human skin and is effective in repairing damaged sensitive skin!

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