Keto roti / naan / paratha /khobz – step by step (

Keto roti / naan / paratha /khobz - step by step (

“Roti” or “naan” is the most sought after food for Pakistani / Indian Ketogenic Low carb diet observers! Here is a step by step of how to make a Ketogenic low carbohydrate diet friendly roti, paratha, khobz or naan.
By altering the thickness of the wrap, all the variations can be enjoyed!
Given recipe makes 3-4 rotis . Depending on thickness and width of each, here is the break down :-

Calories 111 kcal
Macros per serving
Carbohydrate 4gm
Protien 5gm
Fat 5gm

1-Mix all dry ingredients.
2-Add the egg and mix till no lumps
3-Add the warm water spoon by spoon till thick enough.
4- Leave to rest for half an hour
5- Make roti / paratha /naan / khobz as shown in video.
These can be lightly cooked and frozen in advance too!
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