Springing Forward

We are REALLY urging spring to come out to play!! This winter has felt like one of our longest in recent years because of the countless days with gray skies and/or colder temps. People are starting to just fake spring, like going to a playground when it’s 40° and just pretending it’s 70° . Spring will arrive soon enough, I hope!

Kohr Brothers has reopened for spring, but it was hardly ice cream weather. I took Mazen and Sylvia after school and had a snowstorm – how appropriate!

We played at the park after and then had a low-key Friday night, complete with a warm bath and pizza delivery.

On Saturday, we did a lot of painting. Mazen has decided he wants to turn his bedroom into an art studio.

For a later breakfast, we had pancakes, bacon, and strawberries.

I took Mazen swimming at ACAC, where we met Matt and exchanged hands for the day. On Saturday afternoon, Thomas watched golf while I read. I’m nearing the end of Lilac Girls. I can’t stay I have loved the book (not nearly as much as The Nightingale, which I LOVED), but I’m into the story and it’s gotten better as the pages turned.

We shared a big bowl of popcorn!

I have been feeling so blah lately and living in sweatpants. It felt good to curl my hair for once and get a little dressed up on Saturday night for dinner and the UVA game.

We had dinner at Vivace and started our meal with olives and Italian bread.

We shared baked penne and the rockfish special for dinner. Both were amazing. Shout out to Chef Landon!

Some of our friends joined us for the game, which, of course, was a great win to celebrate! (“Anybody But Carolina” is my motto… But also, “Go Hoos!”)

On Sunday morning, our fridge was bare, and I made Great Harvest Cinnamon Chip toast with almond butter and banana toast.

We had a neighborhood birthday party midday and enjoyed pizza, stormtrooper cupcakes, and a Darth Vadar piñata!

Hope you guys had a great weekend! <3

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