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In June of 2017 I was diagnosed with moderate heart disease and referred to a cardiologist. A month later I was told I had a severely restricted, bicuspid aortic valve and was at risk of sudden death. The only recourse for addressing the valve was surgery, but the heart disease created obvious complications. One of those complications was the likelihood of open heart surgery. If the arteries around the heart were clogged, the surgical team would have to insert stints. If the arteries were clear there was […]

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Cholesterol: Everything You Need to Know

As someone who has had heart disease I know what it’s like to be sifting through page after page of information, trying to sort out what’s right and wrong, what’s going to work for me, and struggling through all the conflicting information. Here’s a post from the Leaf I found on cholesterol. Obviously there’s always controversy surrounding this topic, but I find it helpful to collect as much information as possible so I can make at least reasonably informed decisions about my health. Read the post here.

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