Want To Be Happy? You’ll Need To Keep Your Hormones In Check


You might be surprised to learn that hormones play an important role in your moods and levels of happiness at all ages for both men and women. If your hormones are not balanced you can struggle with being grumpy and viewing everything with a negative slant.

If being happy doesn’t come naturally for you, it usually takes a lot of factors being right in your life to achieve happiness, but if your hormones are not balanced you will feel like you are swimming against a tide and no matter what you do, you may not feel quite right. It’s very important to understand what hormones play the roles within your body and how you can keep them in check.   

As we grow older certain hormones begin to decline and others start to rise giving way to other problems such as sleep problems, low sex drive, anxiety, depression, low energy and weight gain.

It’s important to know that certain foods and even alcohol can convert into a flush of hormones through your body that can lead to bad moods and anxiety. For instance, most commercial and even organic foods today contain soy. If you read the ingredients you will find soy in many foods and drinks. I have even seen the listing of soy in a certain brands of tea! Soy is one big factor that can change how you feel and that also goes for men and women. Soy converts to estrogen and that is a recipe for mood changes and roller coaster rides that are not to fun for all those experiencing it.  

I found this short informative video on how your hormones work and how they play a role in your body. I think you’ll find it very helpful.

You can watch the video here.

Source: http://www.brightside.me/