Happy Monday! I love Mondays like I love January – fresh start. But if I had to repeat any day of the week over and over Groundhog Day style it would of course be Saturday : ) Our weekend was totally rainy and cloudy. You know it’s not the cold of winter that I hate to much but all the gray. I just need to see the sun. Just a little. We have so much rain in the forecast.

On Friday night we had a babysitter and went to ACAC for a great partner workout in the V-Day spirit. Try to find us in the crowd!

After sweating buckets and a quick shower, we went to dinner with some friends to The Fitzroy. T and I shared this delicious pear and manchego salad.

Plus half a burger each and some fries! YUM.

On Saturday morning Mazen was up early (he’s been getting up an hour earlier lately!), but he said he wanted to make me breakfast! With a little help using the toaster, he brought me this sunbutter and honey toast and lukewarm tea with a straw. LOL.

When he wasn’t looking I spread a little more sunbutter on the toast and added some banana. Note the cherry Pez he added to my plate for dessert!! Hahahah.

I had a little omelet that Thomas made too. Lucky girl!

Mid-morning we all went to the gym. I did an elliptical workout with Lauren, who accidentally wore her rainboots and forgot her tennis shoes! No worries.

Thomas took Mazen swimming. Love this pic!

And if you missed it on Instagram, Mazen has mastered the cannonball!

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After the gym, Mazen went on a date with his new grandmother, Nona, and I had a big salad at home. Greens, goat cheese, toasted almonds, homemade dressing, avocado and fish filet.

Mid-afternoon we went to a friends’ birthday part at Three Notchd!

Look at these great cake pops!

That was some gooooood cake!!

I have a stash of rainy day toys. This one from my mom, and it was a huge hit! The Play-Doh Burger Maker. Mazen made a really impressive burger stack!

While I read this! One of my favorites.

We had real burgers for dinner, which were leftover sliders Thomas ordered at Three Notchd. This was actually Mazen’s plate – mine looked similar with less mayo and more salad!

On Sunday morning I woke up to one of Mazen’s toys next to me but he was no where in sight. Turns out he was playing ninja and was stealthy sneaking about our room. Quite scary!

We had Great Harvest pancakes with cara cara oranges for breakfast. Cara cara are the BEST oranges!! Look for them if you haven’t tried them. So much better than naval.

Our Sunday activities included: meal planning, Lego building, a quick workout at the gym, grocery shopping, and seeing Peter Rabbit at the new Alamo theater.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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