Why More Pet Owners Are Switching To Raw Food

Today’s commercial pet food has some astonishing hidden ingredients that can effect the overall health of your beloved furry family members.

Some of the ingredients in commercial pet food and even so-called “healthy” pet food are almost hard to believe until you do some research.

For instance, in my research I found that “Meat Meal” listed on the bag of pet food ingredients can contain road kill, sick deceased livestock and one that tops the list of my research horrors- euthanized shelter animals!

Some pet food may not contain all of the dietary values needed. There are other factors to consider such as whether to feed your animals carbohydrates or not. It’s important to know what you are feeding your specific pet for better long term health.

There are some alternative choices to commercial pet foods that you can learn about to carefully decide which route is best for you and animals.

Some people learn to cook raw food, but you will really need to study in detail to make sure your pet is getting the proper vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients he or she needs.

I found an interesting article to start your journey of educating yourself to why people are switching to raw foods here.