How to Minimize Cell Phone Radiation

Look down at your hands- are you reading this on a cell phone?

Most of us have a cell phone in our hands or on our person nearly every waking moment of the day. 3G, 4G, the new 5G- it doesn’t matter, your phone is receiving and transmitting non-stop and you’re being irradiated by it all the while.

Occasionally I joke and say it’s like minimal radiation therapy and it’s killing the cancer causing free radicals in my body. But the truth is- too much radiation is bad for the body. Too much radiation from the sun at the beach- your skin burns. Too much radiation from a cell phone- who can say for sure what your personal limit is before harmful side effects start to manifest, but radiation has a cumulative effect and is harming you, whether you know it or not.

One thing I’ve started to do is to put my phone in “airplane mode” at night. I use my phone as my alarm clock even when the airplane mode is selected and the alarm still functions every morning.  It doesn’t solve the problem during my busy day but at least the effort minimizes the effects for eight hours- let’s be honest, more like seven or maybe even six hours of sleep.

Here’s a great article by NewsTarget with some more detail on what your phone is doing to you and some excellent suggestions on how to minimize its effects.